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Ron Paul Is Evol?

December 11, 2007

Ron Paul Campaign Signs - "Love” or “Evol”?

This one is actually not all that bad. Forget for a moment the whole spray painted bed sheet look and concentrate on the good things about this bad Ron Paul sign. The artist/supporter/hater has successfully tied two corners of the sign to to a fence near the interstate and made the sign big enough so you can actually see it from a distance, but only when the wind isn’t blowing. If the wind is blowing, forget about it.

Back to the question “Is Ron Paul Evol?”. The Ron Paul supporters and/or Ron Paul haters masquerading as supporters have adopted the pseudo motif of writing the “E” backwards for the “Revolution” genre of bad Ron Paul signs. The letters “evol” of “Revolution” are then distinguished and set apart from the rest of the word by a different color, usually red.

I get it. Cute. “Love” spelled backwards. Ron Paul’s revolution is all about love. Let me get my guitar and get naked in the bed with Yoko and wait for Iowa and New Hampshire.

But is it really “Love” after all, or have the Ron Paul haters hijacked the whole thing and placed the subliminal “Evol” which is the uber-cool sadistic pronunciation of “Evil”? Hmmm… Dr. Evol, or Dr. Love? Which is it.