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So Just Who Is This Ron Paul Guy Anyway?

December 13, 2007

Who Is Ron Paul? Campaign Sign

The sad thing about this bad Ron Paul sign is not the fact that it’s taped to a gigantic electric box or even that the sign is poorly stenciled. The sad thing about this sign is that 98% of the hundreds of people passing by and reading it each day don’t know who Ron Paul is, what Ron Paul stands for, or who or what about any of the other candidates either.

Except Hilary. They all know about Hilary.


Location, Location, Location

December 12, 2007

Ron Paul campaign sign nailed to a telephone poll

The number one rule of real estate also applies to political sign placement and Ron Paul supporters/haters are no dummies.

This bad Ron Paul campaign sign is nailed to a telephone pole just above eye level so that passers by can’t help but miss the 18″ sign that blends nicely into the pole.

I also like the font chosen by the artist. Nice job.